Crochet Fuzzy Booties – Free Pattern

Crochet Fuzzy Booties – Free Pattern

I love these Crochet Fuzzy Booties! They are so cute, fuzzy,  and comfortable! Why not make them using the instructions down below in the link ? This pattern is super easy to make and comes in three sizes from a newborn baby to a 12 month old. There is even a cute little strap and yarn so you can tighten the boot! These don’t need much yarn to make so you can make them with your leftover ball of yarn.

And the best part about these Crochet Fuzzy Booties is they are great for boys and girls, because you can decorate these boots any way you want creatively! You could add some fake fur or change the colors.

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diy4ever- Crochet Fuzzy Booties - Free Pattern

Get the fuzzy booties free pattern here:

Free Pattern& Image—> Crochetzone

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