Crochet Lacy Floral Throw – Free Pattern

Crochet Lacy Floral Throw – Free Pattern

This Crochet Lacy Floral Throw looks simply the best when on a comfy-looking bed. It adds a sense of creativity, also making it so you are comfortable. This is quite simple to make, and consists of crocheting nine separate squares together. This pattern is a super neutral, timeless colors and a beautiful lacy pattern combined for a gorgeous crocheted throw. Ideal for any style of home decorating, this is the perfect wedding or anniversary gift.

You can create this Crochet Lacy Floral Throw using the FREE pattern down below from the link, and there are images to show you what this should look like when it is finished. Good Luck!
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diy4ever-Crochet Lacy Floral Throw - Free Pattern

Image : Redheart.

Dowload –> Floral Throw Free Pattern

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