Crochet Sequins Stitch – Free Pattern & Video

Crochet Sequins Stitch – Free Pattern & Video

One of the most beuatiful type of crochet stitches I’ve seen is the crochet sequins stitch. The sequins stitch can be used to make various products, ranging from tops to shawls and scarves, which are not only used for fashion, but also serves as an eye grabbing piece of clothing for you.

The sequins stitch technique is one of the many stitch patterns that not only may be interesting to the advanced and expert crocheters, but also is easy to learn for beginners. The only thing you have to know is the sequins stitch crochet pattern. You can use any yarn and hook that better suits your crochet project. You may also like: crochet puff flowers free pattern &video.

Crochet Sequins Stitch - Free Pattern & Video

I love to discover new gorgeous crochet stitches and share them with you. The crochet sequins stitch is by far the most beautiful type of crochet stitch I’ve ever used. Please click the link below for the detailed instructions:

 Sequins Stitch – Free Pattern & Video

Here is a similar one in English version, enjoy !

Video credit: nadelspiel * Stricken & Häkeln mit eliZZZa.

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