Adorable Crochet Winter Penguin – Free Pattern

Adorable Crochet Winter Penguin  – Free Pattern

A fabulous and amazing example of a colorful stuffed animal is this adorable Crochet Winter Penguin ! This can be made with different colors, such as black or blue, but the orginal instructions use blue. You can personally decorate it creatively by adding, multiple hats, earmuffs, gloves, or even raindeer ears! You can change the color of those excessories too! Just remember, all of these examples will make the winter penguin look wonderful. You can hang these up on the wall, or put them in random places for decoration.

If you are feeling the urge to make a super cute Crochet Winter Penguin  for your little one, go on ahead! The instructions are down link in the below .

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diy4ever- Crochet Winter Penguin - Free Pattern
Click the free pattern& Image credit via the link:
 Stylesidea-Winter Crochet Penguin
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