Super Cute Knitted Mini Animals – Free Pattern

Super Cute Knitted Mini Animals – Free Pattern

Animals area really cute, especially if they are made with yarn! Why not try making an animal that might be your favorite today? These Knitted Mini Animals are so adorable , so we will be sharing with you how to make the basic animals, such as a giraffe. But thats not all. Think deeply, and with a little creativity, you can make any animal ! Pigs? Cows? Just change some of the variables, such as the ears, body size, color, and you will be able to transform your animal.

This is a great project for leftover scraps of yarn you have. For your project, use small amounts of worsted weight yarn in the colors you have chosen. Just click on the link below, and it will take you to a website that contains the instructions to knit this. After mastering the basics, with a few modifications, you can practically make anything you desire! You might also like: Adorable Striped Knit Bunny – Free Pattern.diy4ever- Super Cute Knitted Mini Animals - Free Pattern

Check Knitted Mini Animals  Free Pattern & image credit via the link below :

 Mini Animals Free Pattern 

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