How to Crochet Cable Wave Stitch Tutorial

How to Crochet Cable Wave Stitch Tutorial

This is another beautiful stitch I want to share, equally as pretty as the ones that I showed you before — it is the Crochet Cable Wave Stitch ! The colorful cable wave stitch creates an open and airy fabric, which is good if you want to look good and stay cool at the same time.

This Crochet Cable Wave Stitch looks the best when you have alternating colors, but will still do fine with the same color. Try this stitch out at home! Don’t be afraid! You can always start over if you made a mistake, and if you feel this is too hard, then you can stick to easier stitches.

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diy4ever- How to Crochet Cable Wave Stitch

Check the full tutorial and free pattern via the link here:

Tutorial & Image Credit —> Mypicot

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