Crochet Lucky Puppy – Free Pattern

Crochet Lucky Puppy – Free Pattern

Who doesn’t love puppies? So why not try making one of these cuddly ones? Introducing the Crochet Lucky Puppy! With it, you’ll feel very lucky indeed. You’ll feel lucky to own this precious little toy. It’s a perfect gift for dog lovers or dogs. This crochet puppy will act as a doggy toy and companion for your dog if they are lonely! You can crochet this cute puppy through the link down below that will direct you to the instructions.

Once finished, this Crochet Lucky Puppy will stand just around 15 centimeters tall, making it small and portable, so you can easily wrap it in a gift or take it with you on a trip.  You may also like:Crochet Mouse Bookmark – Free Pattern.diy4ever- Crochet Lucky Puppy - Free Pattern

Free pattern& image credit via the link here:

Lucky Puppy – Free Pattern

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