Elegant Crochet Nora Backpack – Free Pattern

Elegant Crochet Nora Backpack – Free Pattern

Good morning EVERYONE ! Today we will be showing all of you here yet another epic crochet project. This time, it will be crochet we will be focusing on. Hopefully, at the end of you reading this, you will know how to make this beautiful and elegant Crochet Nora Backpack .  This pattern is very simple and easy  . The tutorial includes: base, body bag, flap and handle. It can be performed with any yarn.  All you need to do to find the instructions s to click on the link below. It will take you to the website that contains all the instructions you will need to start. So what do you say that we grab our supplies and start crocheting this? I hope you enjoy!

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Check Crochet Nora Backpack  tutorial & image credit here :


Video Tutorial with English Subtitle by : Katy Handmade

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