Crocheted Baby Doll Set – Free Pattern & Video

Crocheted Baby Doll Set – Free Pattern & Video

This wonderful Crocheted Baby Doll Set will not only amuse and entertain your little child, but also teach the the responsibility and care needed to be a parent! This Crochet  Baby Doll Set comes in 4 pieces, the blanket, the pillow, the basket shaped bed, and the actual doll itself. The cute doll also has a matching cute hat to go with it. This is a great gift to give to a little girl, or a child preparing to have a new baby sibling!

The instructions for Crocheted Baby Doll Set to make this adorable doll are down below from the link , so if you want it, then start crocheting right away!You may also like: Crochet Newborn Sleep Sack – Free Pattern.

diy4ever-Crocheted Baby Doll Set - Free Pattern & VideoFree Pattern  & Image –>  5littlemonsters

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