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How to DIY Concrete Hand Planters

These creative DIY Concrete Hand Planters are a great way to add decoration to your garden! It is very simple, and it doesn’t take much time either. The only part that takes a long time is waiting to let the cement dry. The cement used for this project is casting cement, which can be bought at Home Depot.

Basically, you just pour the cement into a rubber glove, and wait for it to dry. Then, you take the rock-hard cement out and it is done! This project is ridiculously easy, and you can visit the link below for the full instructions on how to make this DIY hand planter idea. You might also like: DIY Troll Doll Planters Tutorial & Video.DIY4ever- How to DIY Concrete Hand Planters

DIY Concrete Hand Planters Tutorial & image credit via the link:

 Concrete Hand Planters DIY Tutorial

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