DIY Owl Dream Catchers – Video Tutorial

DIY Owl Dream Catchers – Video Tutorial

Looking for some mystical decoratons for the house? Then these DIY owl dream catchers are just perfect for you! One of the most exciting things about making these dream catchers is choosing the colors. Red and purple will make these look mystical, while spotted brown feathers will make the dream catcher look just like any regular old owl. Be creative! You can come up with your own color match-ups, or just look at example of them below.

Whatever the case is, it’s time to get your feathers and supplies organized and start your DIY Owl Dream Catchers crafting!  If you have no time to DIY, You can buy one from Etsy .Image Credit: Peacefrogdesigns & Threadless.You may also like:  Valentine Heart Crochet Owl – Free Pattern.

DIY Owl Dream Catchers- Video Tutorial

Video Tutorial : Sea Lemon

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