Knit YinYang Kitty Socks -Free Pattern

Knit YinYang Kitty Socks -Free Pattern

Are you looking for better socks than cheap, standard ones that have holes? Are your socks too tight or thick? Everyone wants just the right type of comfortable socks. Without them, we simply just wouldn’t do. So what way to better know if the socks you are buying are comfortable? It’s simple: Make the socks yourself. These Knit YinYang Ankle Kitty Socks are two-toned, toe-up ankle socks with a kitty chart on the toe and foot. They feature a simple short-row heel. They can be made Yin and Yang style with contrasting colors or two-of-a-kind.

If you want those Cute Kitty socks quick, then you better get those knitting supplies ready art start knitting! Image credit: Geena Garcia. You may also like: Rainbow Patch Socks Knitted Free Pattern  and  Super Cute Knit Mice Socks – Free Pattern.diy4ever- Knit YinYang Kitty Socks -Free Pattern

 Knit Kitty Yinyang Socks Free Pattern

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