Crocheted Tooth Fairy Pillow- Free Pattern

Crocheted Tooth Fairy Pillow- Free Pattern

Here is another design/variation for the Crochet Tooth Fairy Pillow ! The pattern is slightly different than the previous one we posted, but it still is super cute! The tooth is not symmetrical, unlike the other one, so it looks more natural.

This is useful in many ways. 1. It gives your little one a cute little stuffed animal to own. 2. It lets you give the money from the “Tooth Fairy” to your child, without disturbing them from their sleep. And finally, what better way to give the money than with this cool creative idea? You will find the link to the instructions down below, and feel free to check out the other pattern.diy4ever-Crochet Tooth Fairy Pillow- Free Pattern

Crochet Tooth Fairy Pillow free pattern & image credit Here:

Tooth Fairy Crochet Pillow Free Pattern

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