Mason Jar DIY Herb Garden Tutorial

Mason Jar DIY Herb Garden Tutorial

The weather is really beautiful and sunny, but not too hot, so it is the perfect weather for growing plants. Why not you try gardening today? It’s not really that hard. The DIY project for today is growing herbs(or any type of small, potable plant you want) in mason jars. You can also choose the type of jar you want, but the tutorial uses mason jars. This DIY Herb Garden isn’t really a hard tutorial, it’s super simple and all you need to know is how to pot plants and herbs into mason jars. The mason jar is used to show the plants you are growing clearly and so  they can be easily moved to a different location. Using this as a centerpiece for fresh flowers is also a really cool idea.

To start, you can just click on the first link below, and it takes you to the site that has all the instructions. The second link adds a fun hanging idea to the jar, so it can be hung up on a strong wire to grow. This way, it will get lots of sunlight, which helps the plant grow sufficiently. Have fun, and I hope you enjoy! This is a really great gardening idea that can even be used indoors! You might also like : DIY Self-Watering Pots Step by StepTutorial.diy4ever-Mason Jar DIY Herb Garden Tutorial

Get DIY Herb Garden Tutorial & image crdeit via the links below :

Mason Jar  Herb Garden Tutorial

Herb Hanging Garden DIY Tutoiral

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