DIY Fluffy Slime Step by Step Tutorial

DIY Fluffy Slime Step by Step Tutorial

Do you need to keep your kids busy after school so you can spend some alone time? Do you want a quick and effective stress reliever? If so, then you can work on making this DIY Fluffy Slime ! This fluffy slime will keep your kids busy for hours(hopefully), and they will be interested in it a lot!

The free link to the tutorial is down below. You can really be creative when making this DIY fluffy slime! You can add colors, mix colors, add beads, change texture, add glitter, all of these great ideas will work! You will only need very basic ingredients to make this simple slime. (Elmers Glue, hand-soap, shaving cream, corn starch, borax, etc.) You may also like: diy-table-leg-dragonflies-wall-art.diy4ever- DIY Fluffy Slime Step by Step Tutorial
Get the full tutorial & image credit via the link here:

DIY Slime Tutorial

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