10+ Amazing DIY Wooden Planter Box Ideas

10+ Amazing DIY Wooden Planter Box Ideas

These DIY Wooden Planter Boxes are not only wooden, they can be made out of other materials too! They also come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from miniature tin cans to giant wooden boxes filled with soil. There are many ideas to choose from, and you can find the one you like most. Once finished, it adds an elegant sort of look to your garden.

You will find 15 amazing ideas on what these could look like in the first link below, and the next one teaches you how to make this marvelous box, which would be awesome for your garden. You might also like: DIY Troll Doll Planters Tutorial & Video. diy4ever-10+ Amazing DIY Wooden Planter Box Ideas

DIY Wooden Planter Ideas & image credit via the link:

15+ Amazing  Wooden Planter Box Ideasdiy4ever-DIY Wooden Planter Box PlanWoodarchivist – Versalles Planter Plan

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