DIY Seesaw from Repurposed Old Tire

DIY Seesaw from Repurposed Old Tire

Your little ones are always wanting to go to a park or a playground to play on the seesaw. So instead of taking them there, why not just build what they want right here in your backyard? Today we will be showing you all how to make a DIY seesaw from a used or new tire. These can be used by two people, or just one tottering on it. The best thing is, these, unlike classic giant seesaws, can be moved around. You can make two, because each one uses a tire half. SO why not get started right now? Simply click on the link below, and the instructions will pop up. Hope you and your children have fun and enjoy!

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CheckĀ  DIY Seesaw from Old Tire tutorial & image credit via the link below :

How to Make Seesaw fromĀ  Old Tire

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